Local director and editor Marcus Eden filmed this teaser video at the Clutch Jewelry studio in Scottsdale, AZ.  No make-up, no stylists, no predetermined lighting.

“I consider myself a goldsmith.  I’m a jewelry designer, fashion fiend, visual artist, shoe freak, hip hop junkie, adrenaline addict; I gladly don quite a few different hats.  But at my core I’m a goldsmith.  Everything I love comes together in the garage.  The dirty and the shiny.  The precious and the disposable.  The self-conscious and the the unaware.” – owner/designer/goldsmith Stacy Eden

Eden was trained as a goldsmith at Northern Arizona University for three years though she never pursued a degree in the subject.  She has been working with precious metals every day for over 7 years.  She currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

#loveisinthegarage is an idea that true contentment can come from working in the garage.  With your hands. Dirty hands.  And lose track of time.  And have something tangible and shiny to show for your hard work and time well spent.