Metal and Eve :: Spring 2013 Collection :: Year of the Snake

The Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Snake is just part of the inspiration behind Metal and Eve: Clutch Jewelry’s new line of apple and snake jewelry.

“Stories have long revolved around snakes and apples. Each piece is handmade jewelry with a story; its inspired by somewhere in the world. In some places snakes are evil.  In some cultures they’re protectors.

Forbidden fruit represents temptation, betrayal and hardship to some. And a shiny red apple stands for wisdom and immortality to others.

Some snakes are supposed to bring you wealth. Some are supposed to bring about the end of the world.

We hope they all bring you luck, inspiration, and a lust for travel and culture for 2013: The Year of the Snake. We’re all just telling the same stories after all, in delightfully different languages.”

naga snake ringNaga, pictured above, is named for a Hindu and Buddhist God of protection that can take the form of both man and serpent.  He can switch between the two or just become a cool hybrid snake/man/creature who protects the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans.  No big deal.

 He’s also eating his tail.  Now the symbolism of a snake eating his tail goes back.  I mean way back.  And spans too many cultures to list.  The most common stories about snakes chowing down on their own rear ends are surprisingly positive.  First, it’s closely related to alchemy.  Who doesn’t love gold?  But more commonly; in fact from Norse to Greek to Mayan and around the world again, serpent tail swallowing is the ultimate example of ashes to ashes and dust to dust.  In a good way.  The snake sustains himself.  He closes the gap.  Creation from destruction.  Life from death.  What comes around goes around.  Happy year of the snake.  Hope you’ve been good;)