Live Country Music Campout

Country Thunder Main Stage in Florence, Arizona

We love a good long campin trip, but Country Thunder is so much more than camping!  Who knew that the biggest camp out, cook out, wild out country music festival in the world is held every spring in Arizona?! Well, we do now…

Local country music artist Destinee Quinn showed us the ropes out in Florence, AZ amidst the 33,000 people in attendance.

Country Thunder Behind the Scenes for AXS-TV and YourCountryTVbehind the scenes | live music | country music

Our favorite local videographer Marcus Eden, who directed and edited our recently debuted Clutch Jewelry commercial Metal that Moves, filmed Destinee for YourCounrtyTV as she showed off her soulful pipes and guitar string callouses with the likes of Parmalee and giggled like old friends with Jana Kramer in the Camel Country media tent.

Media Tent | Camel Country | Country Music Singer
Destinee looked so cute in her jumper and our Coro wave neckalce and wave rings
Country Thunder | Musical Inspirations | Handmade Jewelry
With some Clutch snake rings stacked almost as tall as her boots and her hopes, Destinee is dreaming and aiming big and we couldn’t be happier for her!

YourCountryTV on AXSTV

Created by Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest and other entertainment heavy hitters AXS broadcasts more live music than all other TV stations combined. Destinee is young, passionate and obviously talented (just check out her youtube channel) but the best part about this doe eyed songstress in our opinion? She raved about our Johnny Cash tee:) A play to our fashion ego? Yes (she’s sweet to everyone she meets), but more importantly, Destinee was raised on country music, and it shows.  Whether she’s doing a classic cover or an original song, the girl blends old school and new school country together in perfect harmony. (Forgive the pun, it was just too easy!)

A Girl and Her Guitar

We are honored that she loved our  925 silver Tulate necklace and handmade Coro and Ourboros rings so much that she wore them while she living her dreams and meeting some of her musical inspirations.

Country Music Artist | Acoustic Guitar | 925 Silver Jewelry

Catch her singin and strummin and line dancin while you still can  (this girl wont be local long) at The Hideaway in Cave Creek, AZ.

Cave Creek, AZ | Country Music | Original Song