Our Unique Designs and Artistic Process

Design Inspiration and Lost Wax Casting

We had so much fun with Terri and Susan, the hosts of Sonoran Living Live on ABC15 on Tuesday, May 21st 2013. We got to talk about our tiki man necklace named after the Tasman Sea and show off some of the tools we use to create our designs through the process of lost wax casting on live TV!

Jewelry with a Story Behind It

We were so excited to share the story behind our two faced tiki Tasman with Sonoran Living viewers. Named after the Tasman Sea, the handmade piece is available as a necklace and as a charm bracelet. One side of Tasman shows a face growling in anger. Flip Tasman over, and his face is twisted in a fearful howl. Tasman is a reference to the 150,000 British convicts that were sent to Australia during the 18th and 19th Centuries. We designed Tasman to remind us that the root of anger is usually fear, and that confronting what we fear in life will make us happier, healthier people.

Jewelry in an Art Gallery?!?!

Terri is a serious jewelry lover; she’s all about the “bling”. She was impressed to learn that you can find our handmade designs at an art museum and two local art galleries. Sharing the ancient process we use to create each piece of designer jewelry was a great way to show why Clutch Jewelry’s unique designs are at home with the fashion world and the art world.

Check out the clip below to see our interview with Terri on Sonoran Living Live! And check out the art galleries that carry Clutch Jewelry on our website.