Clean Silver Jewelry at Home : A How To

You can clean your silver jewelry at home with this easy how to guide.  Bottled jewelry cleaners, ultrasonic and steam cleaners, and DIY jewelry cleaning using everything from ketchup to toothpaste are all over the net.  You don’t need fancy machines, scary chemicals or laughable gimmicks to keep your Clutch Jewelry or any handcrafted silver jewelry bright and shiny.  There are many little known ways of prevent tarnish from forming.  There are also a few easy and inexpensive way to remove tarnish from jewelry.  Whether it’s jewelry you wear every day, or a piece that you’ve recovered from grandma’s jewelry box, get it clean and keep it clean simply and inexpensively.

Quick Tutorial : Why Jewelry Gets Dull

A quick tutorial can help you understand what causes tarnish and how to prevent excessive tarnish build up.  Moisture and air cause precious metals to tarnish.  Shiny jewelry becomes dull and dirty as it’s exposed to the oils in our skin and even plain old oxygen.  More humid climates will also cause metal to tarnish more quickly.  Jewelry and lotion also don’t mix well.   Here are a few simple ways to combat these everyday jewelry dullers;

  • Changing altitudes or air pressure causes serious tarnish.  Travel with jewelry in a thick plastic bag to reduce this.
  • Wait for lotion to soak in as long as possible and wash hands before putting on jewelry.
  • Wash hands after manually applying hair products as they cause tarnish as well.


How to Clean Jewelry at Home

No matter how good you take care of your jewelry, it will tarnish. Once tarnish forms on metal, it continues to build up.  That’s just the nature or precious metals.  And yes, there are actually websites out there that swear ketchup or toothpaste will make your jewelry shiny again! We have always had the best results with an old soft toothbrush and dish soap and warm water.  Be gentle with the toothbrush! It’s just to get into any crevices.  Be sure to dry your jewelry thoroughly afterwards.  Clean your metal jewelry this way once a week or more depending on how often you wear it. how-to-clean-silver-polishing-cloths-for-gold-and-silver-jewelry

Polish Jewelry like the Pros

Polishing cloths are a cheap way to take your jewelry shining skills up a notch.  Jewelry with lots of tarnish (like the kind of stuff found in grandma’s jewelry box) will benefit from a professional level cleaning with one of these cloths.  Some work great, while we have found others that hardly yield any results at all.  We suggest seeking out a jewelry supply or jeweler supply.  Try googling one or both of the terms and you should be able to find one or two in town.  Our favorite jewelry supply in Phoenix is Lonnie’s Jewelry Supply. Our new favorite polishing cloths are actually disposable and are actually available at the jewelry counter at Target!   Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes come in packs of 25 sheets of anti-tarnish polishing cloths.  Remember the longer you rub and buff your jewelry with these cloths, the shinier they will become.  Its a very exciting transformation to watch! Rinse with soap and water and dry thoroughly and you’re ready to show off jewelry that shines like brand new!