Behind the Scenes and the Blow Torch

Handcrafted Fine Jewelry in Phoenix Arizona

Ever wonder how fine jewelry is made? It usually involves a blow torch, a steady hand, and a lot of patience.  The owner and jewelry designer Stacy Eden has given us a behind the scenes sneak peek at the ancient process of metal sculpting, also known as lost wax casting used to make Clutch Jewelry’s one of a kind 925 sterling silver and gold designer jewelry.

“Amazing metal art created through lost wax casting is a painstaking process. A special kind of wax designed to show even the tiniest detail is intricately worked with a variety of different hand tools.   The process can take hours, days, and sometimes weeks,” explains Eden.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.13.37 PM

Amazing Metal Art

Eden explains that “the blow torch, the fire, the melting, that’s where the  adrenaline comes into play for me.  Working the wax is calming.  Casting, or making the wax carving into metal, is the exciting part.  That’s what this video is all about.  Showing how quickly a piece of wax becomes a piece of metal that will last for thousands of years.”

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Clutch’s newest commercial was shot, directed and edited by Marcus Eden, creative director of Media Rocka Productions.

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