Presents for Men with Style

GQ Magazine’s “Style Guy” Glen O’Brien states in a recent GQ article that “Diamonds are NOT a gentleman’s best friend.” While most women are a sucker for a sparkler, male accessories are a little different.



“People tend to think of jewelry for men in extremes, and it doesn’t function well at extremes. It’s not about chunky silver or NBA diamonds. What it comes back to is, Does it look personal? It should look like you’ve been wearing it for years—something you picked up along the way. I don’t want to look flashy. I want to feel comfortable.”

– Philip Crangi for GQ Magazine

Below are our Clutch Jewelry pics for the best gifts for guys.  Guys who drive fast, party hard and follow their passion, not the crowd.

Cool Necklaces for Guys

Men wearing necklaces is nothing new. Jonny Depp and Karl Lagerfeld made it cool to rock multiple chain necklaces at once several years ago. Now even the younger hollywood up-and comers are starting to follow suit. But a necklace should be more than a fashion statement. It should have meaning.  Because a gold mens necklace that looks like you just bought it off of a mannequin is cheesy.  A mens designer necklace that looks like it was unearthed from an archeological dig is accessorizing like a boss.


Our men’s necklaces come on a long 26″ or 30″ gunmetal chain.  Long enough for the beefiest of beefcakes.

Surf Style

Landlocked and yearning for the ocean is terrible any time of year.  But being locked inside, subjected to skin drying indoor heating and itchy wool sweaters makes the allure of the sun sand and solitude of the beach borderline unbearable.   We’ve got the first and only line of surfing accessories to capture the movement of the ocean in metal forever.

We’ve got surfing style jewelry for every taste, from classic fish hook leather bracelets to mens wave rings and tiki mask necklaces all handmade in 925 sterling silver and gold bronze starting at $100.


Every piece of Clutch Jewelry has a different story, each one almost as diverse and as special as the men in your life.  We hope you can find one that resonates with him both in his personal style and his unique journey through life.