Clutch Jewelry’s second commercial debuts on AXSTV’s YourCountry

Clutch Jewelry's New Collection for Spring 2014 with MediaRocka production for YourCountryTV on AXSTV
Clutch Jewelry’s New Collection for Spring 2014 with MediaRocka production for YourCountryTV on AXSTV

The new Clutch Jewelry commercial for YourCountry on AXSTVThe new Clutch commercial is out! We are proud to share “Jewelry for the Journey” with AXStv’s audience of music lovers.  It features our Metal and Eve collection.  We can only hope that it’s as well received as our first Clutch commercial “Metal that Moves” that originally aired back in March of 2013.  YourCountry TV plays the hottest country music videos as well as giving you behind the scenes looks at the making of these videos, up and coming country artists and the biggest tours and festivals across the country.  We couldn’t think of a better partners to share our love of great music and genuine artists than MediaRocka Productions, YourCountryTV, and AXStv.

The Inspiration for Jewelry for the Journey

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Clutch Jewelry ad for YourCountry on AXSTV featuring Spring 2014 Jewelry Collection

Jewelry for the Journey was a concept that owner / designer Stacy Eden developed with stylist and Phoenix Fashion Week‘s ambassador of the year Stephanie Borboa.   “We wanted to take the viewer on an adventure.  The purpose wasn’t to drive somewhere cool.  It was about enjoying the journey.  In a very sweet car of course,” said Eden,  “but Stephanie was really the driving force behind the concept.  She just gets what Clutch Jewelry is all about.   She’s an amazing stylist, but she’s also got the eye.  She’s a visual artist through and through.”

Behind the Scenes | On the Set with Clutch Jewelry

There are so many talented people that contributed to the production of Jewelry for the Journey.  Eden was particularly excited about working with local dj,  beat maker and little brother Arhythmtech.  “He made an original beat for us.  You couldn’t ask for a better soundtrack.   The way he builds the momentum is something else.”  This is Eden’s second commercial produced with MediaRocka’s creative director and the other leg in the Eden creative trifecta Marcus Eden.   “This may be our second commercial, but we’ve been creating together since we were little.  This kid has always had a camera in his hand, and it shows.  No one has their pulse on the music and video scene like this guy.”

Cast of Characters

“Our cast was, for the most part, courtesy of the amazing connections we made at Phoenix Fashion Week this year.  Three of the four were emerging models for 2013’s fall show.  We can’t help but feel confident that they won’t be emerging for long.  These are pros,” explains Eden.  “Most of them are straight runway and print models.  But screen tests showed us how well they translated on video.  They each have an amazing energy all their own.  Put them together, and you have undeniable chemistry that we knew Clutch fans as well as country music fans would feel a connection to.”

Written by: Stacy Eden and Stephanie Borboa

Shot, Directed and Edited by: Marcus Eden

Original Score: Arhythmtech

Cast: Tiffany ‘Tank’ Tabar, Lexi Heart, Nico Labarbera, and Jake Gladney

Styled by: Stephanie Borboa

Makeup: Lolo Eliza Beauty

axstv, clutch jewelry, yourcountrytv, behind the scenes
Clutch Jewelry commercial for AXSTV and YourCountryTV cast and crew

Special thanks to Tom Marquis for behind the scenes photography and to Barb and Rowan Gladney and the Territo Family for the use of such a sweet Bel Air.

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