Inspired Music

“Inspired music gives me design inspiration every day in the garage,”  – owner / designer Stacy Eden.   “I’m influenced so much by live music; underground hip hop, reggae music, and just good old fashioned anything from southern rock to Motown blues.  I don’t think many creative people stick to one genre.  We’re all musical mutts.”

Surf Culture

Summer style was also a big part of growing up in Phoenix, AZ.  “When it’s 120 degrees outside, you dream of the California breezes that you know are just a 6 hour road trip away.  Fashion and style just kind of follow, and thats how you get a surf culture in the desert.  It comes with a lot of wake boarding and boat drinks.”  For more on surf style Clutch Jewelry, check out our male accessories buying guide.
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Katastro Love

“Sublime,  Slightly Stoopid, and 311 were defiantly pillars of my youth and influenced my designs in a big way.  So when Andy Chavez from Katastro got addicted to Clutch Jewelry, it was such a trip.  I’d been in love with their music for years.  And to know he’s up there, playing with Sublime with Rome and Pennywise at the House of Blues and rockin his Clutch is like a dream.”  Chavez was turned on to Clutch by a huge fan and mutual friend who was landlocked and missing the ocean and had stumbled upon the Clutch wave rings.  Within a week Chavez ordered his first piece of Clutch.  He’s been a regular customer ever since.
katastro, live music, surf culture, clutch jewelry

Live Music | Summer Style

Mr. Chavez is rocking his summer style Clutch chain necklace and Valencia ring in their new video covering One Republic’s “Counting Stars” featuring Iration’s Micha Brown.  These guys are coming to Tempe, AZ with Atmosphere, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Pepper and The Black Bottom Lighters in March.  We will see you there!