How to Find Your Ring Size

Ring Sizing Guide

Our 925 silver rings are best sellers on So it’s no surprise that ring sizing is one of the most common questions online jewelry shoppers ask.  Nobody likes to deal with returns no matter how easy your favorite jewelry store makes them! There are several ways to find your ring size.

We’ve also come across a few ways to obtain that special someone’s ring size without spoiling the surprise;) We’ve even included a size conversion chart for our friends across the pond! With the tools below we hope you’ll be able to order a ring for every finger with confidence! Happy shopping!
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How to Measure Ring Size

There are so many ways to figure out your ring size!  Hands down the easiest way is going to any local jewelry store.  Even the jewelry kiosk at your local mall should be happy to help you.  They should use a metal or plastic ring sizer like the one below to tell you without a doubt your exact ring size.

Or if time is not an issue, order one of these bad boys for yourself.  A ring sizer like this one can be found online with a simple amazon or google search for less that $5!

Ring Size Chart

Printable ring size charts are also available online.  This is the best way to find that special someone’s ring size when they’re not looking! Just grab a ring that fits them and use the chart to quickly determine their rings size.   Just don’t forget that each finger is a different size.  The ring finger on the right hand is often a different size than the  left ring finger.

We’ve included our favorite ring sizing guides on  They are surprisingly self explanatory and easy to use. You’ll also find an international conversion chart for Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

Engagement Ring Sizing

This is tricky! Many websites encourage you to obtain one of her rings for a size reference.  This is a good way to get an idea of her size.  However, most don’t realize this, but the majority of people have different size fingers on each hand.  That means that while her right ring finger is a size 6, her left ring finger could be a 5 or a 7.  Keep in mind that it is always easier to reduce the size of a ring than it is to make it larger, so when in doubt, go big!  Your best option is to ask a trusted friend or family member to find out her ring size.  Many mothers already know these things.  Or one of her best girlfriends (make sure she can keep a secret!) can ask her without looking too suspicious.

From a metal or plastic ring sizer, to a printable ring sizer, to ring size conversion charts, to getting sneaky about her engagement ring size, we hope this guide can take some of the guesswork out of buying a perfect ring.