New #ClutchSummer Wrap Bracelets

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Summer Style Bracelets

The Clutch Summer Collection is designed to be comfy, adjustable, and affordable.  We get into more adventures in the summer.   That means we’re flying by the seat of our pants, taking off on last minute excursions, and pulling together finances to make priceless memories.  Your Clutch Jewelry summer style wrap bracelet will go with you on all these journeys, from the beach to backstage looking cool, casual, and living to tell the tale.

summer style, wrap bracelet, clutch jewelry
Music Festival inspired Rasta Wrap Bracelet

Perfect Accessories for Music Festivals

The best wrap bracelets are soft, easy, and stackable for max impact.  Our Clutch Summer wraps have no hard pieces or breakable parts.  They are perfect for the non-stop craziness of music festivals and were a huge hit at Coachella and Country Thunder this year.  It was important to us to have a variety of colors for this season.  Pastels are the on-trend summer accessory, and of course bold, juicy colors are always a great hot weather accent.  They’re so affordable that you can justify getting multiples, giving you endless color combos and adding impact to any look.

coachella, country thunder, music festivals, summer style
Clutch addicts test driving our Clutch Summer collection at the biggest music festivals

Surf Style Summer Jewelry

The main idea behind Clutch Summer is summer jewelry that enhances the experience and won’t get in the way of your fun.  The surf style wrap bracelets of Clutch Summer are all natural.  They are made of super soft leather chord and a small shell bead.  They’re meant to be worn in the shower, in the ocean, in the pool, on the court, at the festival, in the crowd.  Go streaking, go surfing, hell go crowd surfing.  Clutch Summer is right there with you.  Getting softer, worn in, holding memories of adventures, journeys, and a life well lived.

Guide to Effortless Male Accessories

Clutch Summer Wrap Bracelets are 100% Adjustable

We love it when jewelry fits like a glove! Our Clutch Summer wrap bracelets are completely adjustable to fit just about any size wrist on the planet, making it the perfect gift for him or her.  See our male shopping guide for more gift ideas for him.  Check out our video in the garage for a quick DIY tutorial (less than 2 mins!) on how to custom fit your Clutch Summer wrap bracelet to your own wrist.