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Two woman owned companies, both with a strong message:  Women can do anything.  Jenesis LaForcarde’s feminist driven streetwear label and Eden’s hearty handmade jewelry line collaborated to prove it.  LaForcarde and Eden hit it off after meeting through a few fashion events in their hometown, Phoenix, AZ.  Their no nonsense attitudes and big dreams vibed immediately.  “I knew we would work together on something.  You don’t meet another woman that defies stereotypes and still embraces her femininity like that every day,” Eden explains.


Fashion For a Cause

“When Jenesis got the opportunity to send shirts to Beyonce’s entire 10 piece, all female band The Suga Mammas, my jaw dropped to the floor. But I wasn’t surprised.  She has a way of connecting with people.  Her passion is impossible to ignore,” muses Eden.  The two immediately began working on a jewelry design to compliment Woman’s Touch’s powerful message and aesthetic to send to the band along with the shirts.  LaForcarde explains, “Clutch is all about jewelry with a message and a purpose, and that was exactly what we wanted this design to be.  The Suga Mammas are some phenomenal women, so we knew we had to knock this one out of the park.”

“What makes my job great are the incredible people that are drawn together by art, passion and purpose.  That’s what makes this so special.  We never dreamed we would get such a great response,” explains Eden.  Jenesis recently spend some time with The Suga Mammas at the On the Run Tour in LA. ” They were all wearing the necklace!” she says with a smile.  Rovel is a horn player for The Suga Mammas as well as a singer, writer, and of course all around rad chick.  Her shout out on instagram put it best: #strong #women #runtheworld.  Chcek out Rovel’s soundcloud, she’s working on her solo album and has a killer track with Lupe Fiasco.



Sankofa Bracelet and Necklace Give Back

Sankofa is designed to support women, creativity and love.  Designed around Venus’ planet symbol /  the symbol for the female biology, the circle also represents our unity as women, with the cross underneath it representing unwavering faith.  The Sankofa symbol on the front or the piece comes from west Africa and signifies the importance of learning from the past.  Some may remember it was also a big part of the Janet Jackson Velvet Rope Tour.

fashion for a cause, give back, handmade jewelry
handmade jewelry | fashion for a cause | give back

How You Can Help Support Gender Equality

Help support gender equality by volunteering, donating, and supporting woman with a passion for and drive for success.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of all Sankofa jewelry will be donated to charities that help women on local and global levels.  For more information email if you are interested in working with us to raise awareness and empower women everywhere.

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” – Audre Lorde

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