Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day gifts are tricky; clothes are a crap shoot, flowers and candy are good, but not enough, plus they don’t last.  You want Mom to feel special but not overly fussed over right? And if she has a keepsake that will last a lifetime? Even better.  If you know Mom’s ring size, great! You’re incredibly observant.  For the rest of us, here’s a guide to our favorite Mother’s Day selections of Clutch Jewelry based on some of Mom’s favorite things that will fit her like a dream and last a lifetime.  Shipping guaranteed if ordered before Tuesday May 5th *while supplies last.

The Sankofa Gold Bangle for Equality

Is your mom the Beyonce of the family? We got you.  The Sankofa Equality Bangle is part of the line we created for Beyonce’s band of ten killer female musicians, the Sugar Mammas.



Sankofa Bracelet | Jewelry for Equality
Sankofa Bracelet | Jewelry for Equality

sankofa, equality, bangle

Seville Flower Wrap Bracelet

The Seville flower bracelet is inspired by the sun drenched streets of Espana (Spain:) and the orange blossoms that fill the air with the most wonderful smells.  It’s a combination of a magnolia (my mom’s fave), orange blossom and plumeria because moms are a whole bouquet of love and fun <3.  Best part about these is they are easy to custom fit to any wrist with our handy dandy DIY “How to Adjust your Wrap Bracelet by Clutch Jewelry” video on youtube.

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mothers day | gift guide | bracelet

Hera Apple Earrings

The Hera Apple Earrings are so old school.  The length is bold without getting cumbersome.  They’re the perfect accessory to wear to brunch! Dress them up or dress them down, we bet Mom could even rock them to a BBQ with jeans and a white t-shirt. Best part about buying her earrings? They, like, for sure are going to fit! And the Hera Apple Earrings are solid sterling silver (including the chain and ear wires) and a lot lighter than they look.  Fashion and function, what could be more fitting for the woman who so gracefully wiped your bum? XOXO

creative director stacy eden
Our Creative Director Stacy Eden getting rowdy encouraged by Mamma