Shorten a Necklace Easily | A How To Guide

A necklace that is just an inch too long or too short can frustrate even the most even-keeled stylish wanderer.   One necklace is too short, the other is too long.  You don’t have time for this.  Just by adding two tools to your jewelry travel case that are probably already in your house, you can adjust most chain necklaces on the spot to the perfect length for your neckline. Throw in a few baby zip locks of jump rings and extra clasps (all available at your local craft store) to your jewelry emergency adjustment kit and you’re a jewelry MacGyver ready for jewelry disasters of many kinds.
how to shorten a necklace diy

DIY just Don’t Forget the Secret Simple Move 😉

The trick to this super simple move is to twist, moving the two pliers in opposite directions for clean lines and professional results.  When twisting the link or jump ring back together, be patient.  Small, rhythmic movements are better than straining and trying to force it.  Once a jump ring is warped and really mishappen, it’s pretty much useless.  Don’t torture yourself trying to get it back to its original shape.

how to shorten a necklace

jewelry, diy, project, shorten, necklace

jewelry, diy, how to, shorten, necklace
Practice shortening your chain necklaces and bracelets with a petite pair of needle nose pliers from Home Depot or Harbor Freight has amazing deals.

You can use this same skill if you want to make a necklace longer.  You just need more chain. Then twist open the jump rings on either end and connect the two pieces of chain to make one long one.  Lately, we’ve been joining three or four chain-link bracelets together to make a crazy textured long statement necklace. Gotta love Goodwill!

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