The Clutch Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide is for anyone with imagination this holiday season that is feeling a little overwhelmed by their online shopping options and underwhelmed by the quality of the products they have found in years past.  From Celtic Crowns to the perfectly simple one of a kind Irish promise ring you can count on Clutch for high quality, thoughtful gift ideas that come beautifully gift wrapped. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for deals and giveaways all season long.  Happy Holidays Gameshifters.  We’re sure you’ll make it as weird and awesome as you are.  

The Ourboros and Semcu Champey rings for him or her

Celtic Crowns | Body Armour | Inspired Pieces

Yeah they’re cool looking but where in gods name would you wear a crown right?! Wrong. This isn’t like a beauty queen crown.  Consider it the grown up version of the plastic sparkly headbands you bought for a quarter at the drugstore.  Except these timeless.  Not, like, making a comeback; like glitter or grunge.  These all handwoven wire headpieces are light, flexible and designed to leave everyone wondering where the hell they came from.  What era? What region? Where did you get it? If it’s not old but it doesn’t look new, what is it?

Landslide Hatband / Crown | Gift Ideas | For Her
Landslide Hatband / Crown | Gift Ideas | For Her

A Celtic crown is just like a headband or a hat or a scarf.  We love them with a casual maxi dress.  We’ve seen them done well with jeans.  And they’re completely flexible and adjustable to fit your head.  Not to mention, many of our crowns double as belts or chokers with a little squeeze and a bend, check out the video on Youtube for a little DIY tutorial.

Handmade Belts | Accessories | Gift Ideas
Handmade Belts | Accessories | Gift Ideas

From Greek and Celtic wedding crowns to renaissance royalty portraiture, creative director Stacy Eden gets inspiration from all over the world and all kinds of different styles of dress, combining different era’s regions and cultural influences in new ways  in order to make something that looks ancient and modern and sure to take your holiday outfit to another level.

Handmade gold jewelry | holiday gift guide | clutch jewelry

Irish Promise Ring

This is an Irish Promise Ring unlike any other we’ve ever found.  It’s a complete sculpture from 360 degrees.  You can see the detail in the fingers and heart from the inside of the ring.  It’s a perfect promise for the person who loves you in spite of your imperfections.  We love the idea of wearing this ring as a necklace too.  Customize your look with one of our two different chain sizes.  Boom; a gift that fits everyone.  

the perfect irish promise ring
The Perfect Irish Promise Ring | Claddagh Ring | Clutch Jewelry Exclusive

Handmade Gold Jewelry

Keep in mind if you’re looking for that special gilded gift, we love custom orders and requests.  Handmade gold jewelry (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold) is our specialty, but we can create in anything from plastic to platinum.  Wholesale inquiries welcomed at  

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Every Girl is a Princess, not Every Woman is a Queen ❤
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Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom in more ancient cultures than not! She is revered in everything from Christian to Mesopotamian tales.
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The Babylon chestpeice is more than just a statement necklace, its urban armor