How to wear your Clutch Jewelry statement necklaces, is, of course, up to you.  We love when our Gameshifters get creative and show us new ways to wear our flexible handwoven creations in ways we had never dreamed of before.  But just in case you’re looking for a few more ideas, here’s a guide to styling our statement necklaces with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to a black tie event with effortless cool-girl confidence that comes with a little experimentation and creativity.  

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Tank top, mock turtleneck or strapless: all necklines that work well with the right statement necklace

Neckline is Everything

Go for a deep v-neckline or a crew neck when rocking a big statement necklace.  Boat neck or scoop necklines will just not work with the vast majority of statement necklaces.  They can however, pair perfectly with some of our caplets.  Your neckline should never compete with your statement necklace.  Stand as far away from the mirror as you possibly can and take a quick glance; does the statement necklace look elegant or awkward? Trust your eyes and your gut, and keep mixing it up until you love the statement you’re making.  And remember, it hard to go wrong with a black turtleneck.  

Mjellma Gashi in the Barcelona Statement Necklace shot by Nuvia Magdahi

Go Big and Don’t Go Home

That rule about taking off one accessory before you leave the house is bologna.  The key to accessorizing is proportion and confidence.  No matter how much you like an accessory, if it just doesn’t look right with your ensemble, save it.  There’s no shame in trying on a bunch of different accessories, hemlines, necklines, shoes; you’re not wasting time or playing dress up, you’re learning about your body and the clothes and accessories that you’ve invested in.  The more time you spend experimenting when you’re not already twenty minutes late, the easier it will be to throw together a cute outfit at the spur of the moment.  It will also be easier to shop as you’ll get better at remembering which cuts and styles really look good on your and which ones just catch your eye.  

Jessica Segar in a whole lot of Clutch shot by creative director Stacy Renee Eden

Wearing a bunch of accessories for the sake of looking trendy usually ends up just looking like you’re trying too hard.  Wearing a bunch of accessories that have a story and a meaning behind them that proportionally flatter your outfit make your look like a friggin rockstar.  That’s why all of our jewelry is designed by Clutch Creative director Stacy Renee Eden who also makes all the originals by hand.  She doesn’t just make jewelry that looks cool.  Every piece has an inspiration and a story.

Jordan Catherine Peralta in the Minvera Caplet shot by Clutch Creative Director Stacy Renee Eden

Layers of Love

If the big choker, collar, chest piece statement necklace just isn’t your style, you can still make a hell of a statement by layering the shit out of pieces you already have.  You can even incorporate simple knotted leather cording (available at any arts and crafts store) or get really creative and find some extra buttery leather at the local thrift store.  They’re often inundated with leather jackets that are oh-so out of date and ridiculous looking that no one would be caught dead in them (remember the 80’s?!).  So buy the silly jacket, maybe even rock it for Halloween, and then cut it up into thin strips.  You can make chokers, wrap bracelets and even belts with a few pieces of hobby story hardware and patience.  Layer your chokers, collar bone grazers and long pendant necklaces to create a whole new look that textured and eye-catching.

Kirsten Garber shot by Nuvia Magdahi in the Dazed Choker

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