You might notice we refer to our favorite #ClutchAddicts as #Gameshifters on the Clutch Jewelry website and on social media.  But what, exactly, is a Gameshifter you ask? That is a great question.

The term Gameshifter is a play on words.  We’ve all heard of a game changer, from a record-breaking athlete to a life-saving medical breakthrough, a game changer is a person, place or thing that changes the rules of a game; it changes the way we do things forever and hopefully makes our lives better.  

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In that same vein, a Gameshifter is someone who sees the game and knows how to shifts gears if they feel stuck.  They know they don’t have to change the game to make a difference.  They know that shifting the way they view the world can change the nature of the game itself.  A gameshifter knows that all the answers, all the solutions, all the happiness in the world, is inside of them.  


When Clutch creative director Stacy Renee Eden started making jewelry, she encountered a lot of resistance.  She wasn’t a big fan of diamonds or rhinestones, nor did she want to make her own version of the delicate, “girly” jewelry that has dominated the mass jewelry market for decades.  Instead, Eden was focused on working and sculpting metal into shapes that are bold, durable, and have meaning.  

From crashing waves to textured pyramids, each piece has a name and purpose or story behind it.  Tasman the two faced Tiki man symbolizes the idea that anger is just fear in disguise.  Our wave rings and pendants are a way for you to take the beauty, vastness and freedom of the ocean with you everywhere you go.  People don’t wear Clutch Jewelry because it’s ‘cute’.  They wear it because it means something.

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Clutch Jewelry Creative Director Stacy Renee Eden at her bench #loveisinthegarage #gameshifter

Most jewelry designers draw out their designs, or even write a description of them and send them off to another country to be produced.  Most jewelry that you buy online or in a store was barely ever touched by human hands.  It was cut out of wax by a machine, casted by a machine and polished by a machine.

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Clutch was founded on the idea that what we put on and in our bodies should come from a place of love and humanity.  That’s why a home cooked meal or a handwritten letter will always have a higher value to us Gameshifters than a fancy dinner or an email could ever have.  Gameshifters don’t follow the norm.  They know that in order to get where they want to go, they just have to listen to the roar of the engine, step on the gas and ease off the Clutch.