We’ve grown quite fond around here of making purdy pictures with all our Clutch Jewelry, Clutch Crowns and accessories.  We get to work with other artists, fill up those Instagram and Facebook feeds and have a blast while doing it.  But that’s not the best part.  Clutch Creative Director Stacy Renee Eden has bigger plans when creating a shoot.  Any good editorial tells a story, but what Eden aims to contribute to the landscape is a dose of humor and passion and priorities, the creative inspiration behind BYOGuitar, the newest offering from Eden and a ten-person crew of talented creatives.


“Years ago, both of my younger brothers were shooting Nazi zombies on Call of Duty for hours.  Now I like shooting zombies as much as the next person but they had been at it forever.  ‘With all the time you spend on this video game, you could have already learned to do something that would get you laid; like play the guitar,’ I told them.  They didn’t drop the controllers on the spot, but they do both play the guitar now.

BYOGuitar takes it a step further.  Maybe the rockstars in this shoot started out playing an instrument to get some groupie action, but now they’re just happy to eat, drink and merrily pray to the gods of rock and roll.  They wake up, for the most part, clothed and clutching their instruments.   The carnal pleasures may satisfy for now, but music, passion, and discipline live forever.” ~ Stacy Renee Eden, Clutch Creative Director


Shot styled and edited by Stacy Renee Eden, second and third cameras Jon Cline and Erik Velasquez on location at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale Arizona featuring models Geoff Tatum, Anthony LaFlame, Nick Murray, Colten Hebner-Shaw, Chante Fox, Jordan Catherine Peralta and Taylor Mulholland.


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