A big cheers to our buddies Katastro and Mouse Powell as they head home from a good old fashioned rock and roll road trip; their Strange Nights Tour.  And even as these gameshifters head home from over a month on the road, their single Flow is still stuck in our heads.  Here’s a look back at all the Clutch love we’ve shared with these rock star hip hop bluesy bad asses on the rise.


Clutch creative director Stacy Renee Eden first met Katastro on set of a music video her brother was directing at 17th Stree Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, CA with Iration’s Micha Brown.  She loved their music, Andy loved her wave ring, and the rest was history.

“Katastro is the kind of band you can’t categorize and you can’t help but love.  That shit gets in your head and you want to listen to it over and over to try and figure out where the layered lyrics and lingering melodies get so stuck in your head.  It’s an honor to have such talented artists make art while wearing my art,” explains Eden.

From live shows to music videos and performances all over the country Clutch and Katastro have been makin’ it ever since.  Hoping to catch them at Cali Roots Fest in Monterey, CA and Pot O’ Gold in Tempe, AZ in 2017 and can’t wait to catch them with the always down and Dirty Heads and our good buddy Mouse Powell on New Years Eve at the Marquee Theater as well as at the One Love Fest in Long Beach, CA.

And we gotta share the ten minute behind the scenes documentary of the Strange Nights Tour from Yellow Box Films.

“Was it Method Man or 311? My memory sucks..”