It occurred to me before 2016 that I was the luckiest girl in the world. A lot of people ask me how one comes to work with celebrities professionally. Seems to be some interesting taboo. Almost like a party trick. And when I’m asked this question matter who I am with or who I’m talking to, i lean in, give them a little snort, and whisper, by being an actually really good person.  And and then I pause, lean back a little, and give them a sideways look. Let them wonder what the hell I’m talking about for a split second.  Then I snort, grin wide, raise my palms to the sky and I get give them this look like yeah! For real. It’s crazy! It’s amazing!


That’s how I’ve worked with so many models, artists, musicians photographers and celebrities; being nice and working hard. That’s it.  Just by putting myself out there. By constantly making art, and not letting anything get it my way.  The harder I work the luckier I seem to get.  There are no roadblocks just speed bumps; slow down, look around and get ready to take off again.  Never in the history of humanity has so much life-saving, inspiring, liberating knowledge been available to young minds in every corner of the earth, not to mention every piece of art in existence and every YouTube tutorial imaginable. It makes me so excited for the future.  


I’m smiling and giggling while explaining this, and it usually leads to an unexpected conversation about passion, technology, hard-work, culture and history. What could have been one of those normal conversations has now grown into something genuine and memorable; a perfect little moment of feeling connected and alive. But that’s not the best part. Even though I love talking, it’s the doing that gets me excited. It’s one thing to talk about art and history, but it’s a whole other thing to make art, to make history.


I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I make beautiful art with people that are really good people. And they’re always down to be making art and filling up the books of our lives with great stories and deep belly laughs and beautiful glimpses into their souls.

You’re the family I got to choose #gameshifters, and I couldn’t be more grateful for every single one of you.


And even though I knew I was the luckiest before 2016, looking at that crazy monster of a tile grid of all the perfect moments of the last year makes me so happy I can’t stand it.  Usually I would cry because I’m a happy crier but it’s even more beautiful than that.  I want to cry and shake my head and giggle and make drumming noises on my thighs and jump up and dance around and sing to Lou Dog.  That’s how it feels to share this with you.  And that’s how I know every single one of you will have all the success and beauty you could ever want in this life.  Not because of your connections or bank accounts or porcelain complexions.  Because you work for what you want, you’ve been through the ringer, and you’re still on your feet.  You’ll never give up.  That’s what makes a #gameshifter, and today and all days, I’m very grateful for you.

Celebrity is not what my interest is in.  I’m determined to find all of my creative soulmates and build an insanely beautiful network and make a whole lot of art and do some serious good in the world.  So if you’re a gameshifter that I’ve been working with for years or one I haven’t met yet, keep grinding.  I look forward to a bright future that brings us closer to our goals and to each other.  


There are too many talented creatives responsible for all this glorious art to list here! Please check out our instagram accounts for photo, model and stylist credits! ❤

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