The final poem of the 2017 Phoenix Poetry Slam Championship where Stacy Renee Eden took first place with Hip Hop Drop Cloth

Hip Hop Drop Cloth

I am so grateful

for this Hip hop drop cloth
It catches the paint splatter
When its finally time to talk about
The things that really matter

Even if i spit it straight
Even if the aim of my game

is the baddest
The paint just doesn’t always

make it to the canvas
So every time that drop cloth saves me
Makes the clean up just that easy
I can blame it on the beat
They’ll probly blame it on Weezy
Im just grateful i get to say

whats really in my heart

If i tried to convey

it any other way

im afraid

We couldn’t call it art
The rhythm and the rhyme

help diffuse fear and anger
if this is your first time,   

I know it’s tough

I still feel like a stranger
But i can promise you

in listening

there is no danger

I am your joy manifest
Coming straight for your


Live and direct
Every event in your life led you to here
And the past can change from year to year
Let go or be dragged
We can’t even hang on to the truth
Perception is reality
And not everybody’s got a sweet tooth
Many believe there is good and bad

in every soul
But i say fuck that, good and bad

don’t even exist at all
I can see only grey
oh you think I’m talking 50 shades?

Shit that’s a short day
I feel infinite calming variations of tones
How funny to think now that

I ever felt so alone
Our connections, our creativity,

Our capabilities

Are only as endless

As we believe them to be
Some want to spit fire,

Call them imaginary dragons
but they’re the same ones braggin

bout how they need a magnum

I’m not talking about a golden ticket

or even platinum

Just vibrant fantastic surrealism

Burning bright and true

Dripping white yellow orange red and blue

They’re magnificent

There is no matching them

I’m just working on trusting  

that the drop cloth

is catching them


See Hip hop is my drop cloth

So I don’t stain the carpet

So I can’t blame it on the world

If im having trouble getting started
I write when I need it
Because It makes me feel free
Free to tell you what I really think of me
I need to know there are others

that want to grow
I need to know

que mis ideas no son loco
That nothing really separates us,

we are all just airy atoms

Mixing with everything

Even in silence sharing wisdom
The only lines between us

are the ones drawn by rulers

I wonder if we could

erase a few debates

And make some globes

a little cooler
Trying to define the lines,

the limits,

It’s like trying to write off the rhymes

as gimmicks

That shits for cynics
Fuck the critics

We gotta fill in the divots
Smooth out the horizon
Mellow out the mind games

And get to memorizing

How you feel wants to be rearranged

or you wouldn’t still be listening

I can see the glitter in your eyes

the paint is wet and glistening